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Lloyd’s Register


Lloyd’s Register started out in 1760 as a marine classification society. Today, they are one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology – improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures for clients in over 75 countries worldwide.


Offshore wind
Offshore wind has seen dramatic growth in recent years – and will continue to be a critical part of the energy mix for decades to come. 

LR solve complex problems for offshore wind investors, developers and operators of fixed and floating wind farms. With their broad range of expertise, the company can reduce technical, operational and commercial risks while enhancing asset performance.

LR's services include Site assessment, Energy resource assessment, Risk management, Grid connections, Certification & classification, Project certification, Performance optimisation, Owner’s engineer and Technology qualification.

Onshore wind
LR supports the development and operation of onshore wind projects across the global sector, applying experience and expertise from mature markets to those which are at an earlier stage of development. 

Services include Site assessment, Energy resource assessment, Risk management, Grid connections, Performance optimisation, Owner’s engineer, Technology qualification and Technical Adjudication.

Wave and tidal energy
Wave and tidal energy technologies have great potential, and benefit from abundance and predictability. Although much of the technology has not yet matured, a number of projects are being commercialised and recent developments have been encouraging. 

LR have been actively involved in developing and deploying some of the sector’s most innovative projects, through research and client projects. The company's team includes a number of renowned Renewables experts, who have worked on ground-breaking and complex projects for the industry’s most ambitious and successful organisations. 

Services include Technology qualification, Site assessment, Risk management, Grid connections, Certification & inspection, Performance optimisation and Technical adjudication.

Solar power is one of the most mature and fast-growing renewable energy technologies, and a critical part of the global energy mix. It is clean and abundant and growing more productive and cost-effective every year. 

LR's team includes a number of experts, who can support clients from the very earliest stages of a solar project through to operations, maintenance and optimisation. 

Services include Site assessment, Energy resource assessment, Risk management, Grid connections, Certification & inspection, Performance optimisation, Technology qualification and Technical adjudication.

Nuclear Power
LR have supported the growth of safe and productive nuclear facilities from the beginning of civil nuclear power, developing a global footprint across more than 1000 projects.


Upstream exploration & production
LR apply their expert solutions and independence to assure the integrity, reliability and success of every aspect of client operations. Helping maximise productivity and recovery, reduce operating costs, mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance with government regulations, industry codes and standards, many of which LR have helped to develop.

Midstream transmission
Whether transporting hydrocarbons offshore or onshore, LR's midstream expertise ensures pipeline systems, networks and projects are designed, constructed and operated cost effectively, safely and ensure optimal reliability and performance.

Downstream refining & processing
LR ensure process integrity, help create visibility through data and apply proven innovation engineering solutions to help optimise client downstream operations.

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