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Paetoro Consulting


PAETORO's director has 20 plus years experience in the global resource exploration and production industry.

Structural complexity & the big picture

A key focus is structural complexity. Areas considered "too hard" in the past are more likely to retain under-explored opportunity that new technologies and workflows can unlock. Onshore fold and thrust belts, rift basin fault compartments, and salt structure complexities are not always easy to decipher, but frequently hold rewards for those that manage to do so. 

Before tackling complexity, organising the database and understanding the big picture are necessary. Workflows to facilitate this geological "context" - i.e. integrated regional review bringing in the wealth of knowledge from every discipline, is a strength of PAETORO. 

Changing paradigms - data and technology

The way the world conducts exploitation of energy and mineral resources is changing. New sensitivities, new competition, and new technologies are taking subsurface exploration into challenging and exciting uncharted terrain. When appropriate, PAETORO is interested in holistic approaches, tackling hydrocarbon, geothermal, and strategic mineral potential together - to maximise efficiencies in cost and risk sharing. This is most relevant in developing economies where applying 21st century technologies across multiple subsurface industries is a very real option.  

​Data analysis is also breaking radical new territory. PAETORO is keeping close watch on the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning scene to investigate new applications in the geoscience arena. The use of non-seismic technologies in onshore exploration - where seismically deliverable information is limited - is also a key area of research. Ironically, onshore areas where hydrocarbons were first discovered may also be one of the final frontiers - due to difficulties in seismic resolution. As areas where drilling costs are typically lower than offshore - they are increasingly coming back into play. Structural geology and non-seismic geophysical techniques are key to progressing there. 


  • Areas of difficult imaging and complex structure, in rifts, fold & thrust belts, and salt influenced areas.
  • Integrated regional reviews - and exploring workflows for doing this more efficiently, including joint exploration for multiple subsurface resources (HC/geothermal/mineral).
  • Interpretation and hydrocarbon reserve estimates, and QC.
  • Researching new technologies for 21st century exploration.

Tools & Workflows

On the software front PAETORO is familiar with Petrel, Kingdom, ODM, GeoX, Rose, ArcGIS, and various industry software packages for basin modelling, structural restoration, volumetrics and fault seal.  PAETORO has acquired experience in over 30 specialist G&G software packages.  

Focus areas

Paetoro's experience allows synthesis of data in any new basin globally.  PAETORO is always ready to take on new areas for clients, but areas of historical and ongoing interest include:

  • The North Sea and Atlantic Margin of NW Europe
  • Onshore UK & Ireland, including geothermal potential.
  • SE Europe/Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Iran (with or without sanctions).
  • Onshore fold and thrust belts and rift basins of Central Asia.
  • Northeast Latin America & Caribbean.
  • Chile-Argentina.
  • The frontier deep water basins of New Zealand.

PAETORO is always actively building industry and research relationships. Key clients include Adrok Ltd., Ardent Oil, and Petrostars SPX Ltd.