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GeoTomo was founded in Louisville, Colorado in 1998, and relocated to Houston, Texas in 2000. 

The company develops and offers high-end geophysical software products and provides advanced data processing services that help geophysicists around the world to image the near-surface and subsurface in areas with rough topography, complex near-surface, and complex subsurface. These products include TomoPlus; near-surface imaging & statics solutions, GeoThrust; seismic data processing system, VECON; VSP and surface seismic modeling and survey design, MiVuTM; microseismic processing system.

GeoTomo entered the oil and gas exploration industry from niche opportunities by providing software solutions including 3D TomoStatics interpretation, crosshole seismic data processing, and VSP survey design, modeling, and processing systems. Today, GeoTomo also provides a unique surface seismic data processing package, GeoThrust, designed to conquer rugged topography, complex near-surface, and complex subsurface structures in a single workflow.

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