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Engineering Office
13, Lancaster Centre,
Meteor Business Park,
Cheltenham Road East,

Tel: +44 (0) 1452 546 570

Head Office
Unit 4 Aziz Court,
SO21 3QX

Tel: +44 (0) 1962 774 986

Naval Architecture Office
Room 601,
Hope St. Exchange,
1-3 Hind Street,

Tel: +44 (0) 191 337 1545



MAATS Tech is a marine engineering company established in 1989, originally with a focus on specialist subsea vessel design and shipyard supervision.

The group has developed over the subsequent 25 years into a major player in the offshore engineering industry. The group is a supplier to all of the major offshore contractors, including Subsea 7, Technip, Aker, J Ray McDermott and SBM. The group has also developed close relationships with a number of world renowned shipyards including IHC in The Netherlands, Bergen, Vard and Kleven in Norway and also HHI and DSME in South Korea.

The company specialises in turnkey, ship-based carousel systems and acts as main contractor for the design, build and installation of both on-deck and under-deck carousels as well as any associated loading and unloading equipment. MAATS Tech has extensive experience in carousel systems, having supplied about 50 carousels, in a range of sizes, to around 30 different vessels over the years, including those on the order book. The company is the world leader in the supply of carousels for installation below deck.

MAATS Tech works closely with its clients in the design of deck layouts of the vessels on which its products are installed. The company is also experienced in special ship design for new-building or conversion. Such design activities typically commence with a vessel conceptual design study. If the decision is taken to proceed, the company will then undertake full production drawings and will provide a supervision team to represent the owner when the conversion or new-build moves into the shipyard phase.

An experienced Finite Element modelling team support the company’s main projects, working closely with the other disciplines to verify and develop new designs, as well as working with customers to provide FEA of the vessels associated with the carousels. In addition, the FEA department take on consultancy work for a variety of sectors, with experience in marine, mining, aerospace and civil, to name a few.