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The Underwater Centre


The Underwater Centre, based in Fort William, Scotland, has been training well prepared and competent subsea workers, and helping companies undertake vital sea trials for over 40 years.

In May 2018, The Underwater Centre became a not-for-profit company owned by the industry and closely aligned with delivering the needs of the industry in subsea training and equipment testing. This is a further development in their strategy to becoming a worldwide centre of training and testing excellence.

The Underwater Centre

Commercial Diver Training
The Underwater Centre first began in the 1970s to provide commercial diver training and as an underwater trials facility.

The group now provide training in both air and saturation diving, certified by the Health & Safety Executive, providing students with internationally-recognised certifications.

In addition to HSE-accredited qualifications, The Underwater Centre also offers training in the key subsea skills that the industry really needs. 

ROV Pilot Technician Training
The Underwater Centre have been providing first-class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) pilot technician training since the 1990s and the demand for well-trained ROV pilot technicians continues to increase.

Sea Trials and Corporate Training
The Underwater Centre provides the ideal location, equipment, experience and facilities to meet the trials and training needs of the subsea industry.

The group are based on a sheltered sea-loch, with depths ranging from 4m to 150m, all within a mile and a half of the Centre’s secure private pier. The excellent facilities and ease of conducting trials at The Underwater Centre make it an ideal choice for companies undertaking trials work. Their engineering support team has extensive experience in the marine industry, so companies testing subsea equipment can be sure of excellent support – at a fraction of the cost and operational considerations of going offshore.

Due to their unique facilities and location The Underwater Centre are able to offer subsea training that replicates working conditions in the offshore industry.