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107 Heymann Boulevard
Building 7
Lafayette, LA 70503
United Staes

P.O. Box 53427
Lafayette, LA 70505

Tel: 337 235 4055



LAGCOE is a nonprofit energy industry organization focused on educational programs and a technical exposition & conference. 

LAGCOE’s vision is to be a robust, sustainable community of energy companies and volunteers that promotes energy education and awareness; connects businesses with opportunities and; showcases the Gulf Coast’s technical innovations to the world. 

At the time of incorporation, the acronym L-A-G-C-O-E simply represented the biennial exposition. Since 1955, LAGCOE has grown into a nonprofit energy industry organization, expanding its focus to include educational programs in addition to the 63 year-old technical exposition & conference. 2019 will be the 64th year.

With respect for the organization’s longstanding history LAGCOE continues to use the acronym “LAGCOE” to represent today’s version of “Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition.”

For more than 60 years, LAGCOE has nurtured countless initiatives dedicated to educating its members, the community and the next generation about the energy industry, its value and the opportunities it provides.