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Flare Solutions


Flare Solutions Ltd.
Bovingdon Green
SL7 2JH United Kingdom

Tel: +44 203 397 7766


Flare provides trusted Information Management (IM) consulting, software and services to the oil and gas industry, helping their clients achieve business goals through more effective management and exploitation of their information.

Flare has earned a reputation for providing trusted Information Management advice to the energy industry. The company have expertise across the E&P value chain that can clients to gain the maximum value from their projects and initiatives.

Flare’s IM Framework methodology has been evolving since 1998 based on their conviction that an organization’s performance is constrained by how effectively it can find and use its information to develop intellectual capital that addresses business goals. The company's approach is innovative, but pragmatic and recognises the opportunities and constraints that are typical in the industry.

Flare consulting services typically provide:

  • Information Management Assessments & Benchmarking
  • Information Management Framework, Design & Development
  • Information Management Strategy
  • Process Improvement & Standards Development
  • Information Management for Decommissioning
  • Information Management Compliance & Legislation
  • Technology evaluations and rationalisation
  • Education, workshops and training
  • Programme Management
  • Change Management

Flare’s software portfolio was developed based on the company's holistic vision for Information Management, guided by their IM framework and refined by industry knowledge and collaboration with clients.

Sirus is the Information Management platform for the Oil and Gas industry, delivering intelligent search and analytics over multiple repositories.

The platform delivers:

  • One Search: rapid with good ranking, recall and precision
  • Intelligent metadata search across multiple stores
  • Ability to leverage internal and external industry knowledge
  • Automatic tagging and structures
  • Powerful visualisations and easy integration
  • Support for analytics and machine learning
  • The complete Information Management Platform