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NORSAR is an internationally recognized, independent, not-for-profit, research foundation within the field of geo-science providing advanced, innovative products and solutions to customers in the public and private sectors.
NORSAR's objectives are as follows:
  • To conduct research and development in the areas of geophysics and geophysical software
  • To promote the application of research results for the benefit of the Norwegian society and Norwegian industry
  • To establish and further develop the professional competence of its staff within its areas of activity
  • To act as a Norwegian national resource center for verifying compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)
  • NORSAR has its headquarters at Kjeller, North- East of Oslo, Norway. NORSAR's field installations are situated in Hedmark (southern Norway), Finnmark (northern Norway) and on the islands of Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen. A field maintenance section is located at Hamar