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As a pioneer in wind energy, Senvion offers a wide portfolio of onshore and offshore turbines. With rated nominal power from 2 to 6.33 megawatts, rotor diameters of up to 152 m and a range of hub heights, the company can develop individual solutions for projects of every size –from single turbines to entire wind farms.

Whether single turbine or complete wind farm, Senvion consider every detail and also look at the big picture to provide each customer with the best possible solution to bring down LCOE. To achieve this, the company customize their products and services to meet individual customer requirements. This process relies on three key components: the comprehensive modular design of their turbines, ongoing optimization and focus on leveraging and upgrading digital technologies.

Solutions for client wind energy projects are always high yield, easy to service and grid compatible:

  • Wide range of wind turbines with rated outputs of 2 MW to 6.33 MW and various hub heights
  • Location-specific integration for the various grid requirements in all major markets
  • Special adaptations for all climate zones and wind classes
  • Reliable and capable technology based on more than 26 years of experience
  • Every Senvion wind turbine builds on a tried-and-tested platform that is continuously developed
  • Customized control of operating data using the SCADA Solutions system
  • Minimization of financial risks and shortened downtimes thanks to maintenance-friendly design and reliable service