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Ikon Science Ltd


Ikon Science is a global technology company providing GeoPrediction software systems, knowledge and solutions  to the upstream oil and gas industry.

Founded in 2001, the company has grown into a global organization, with an unparalleled depth of expertise in solving regional and local challenges.

From the beginning, the development and delivery of products and solutions has been centered on the certitude that the best way to explore, develop and produce reservoirs successfully, efficiently and safely is by the rigorous application of the science of rocks, fluids, pressures and stress.

1,000 man-years of academic and industry know-how are embodied in the RokDoc® platform, the premier software used by majors, national oil companies and independents to achieve the most reliable quantitative predictions of the subsurface.

Ikon's Software Business

Ikon has developed and delivered RokDoc since 2001.  Oil & Gas clients use the RokDoc platform to evaluate well and seismic data, determine its value and predict rock, fluid and pressure properties from available information with the best available methods.

Ikon's Solution Services Business

Ikon Science offers customers an integrated team of world-renowned subject matter experts in Quantitative Geosciences (rock physics, geology, geopressure, geophysics and geomechanics) to deploy cost effective and timely high-end technical consultancy services focused on subsurface geoprediction in the following areas:

1. New Frontier & Basin Exploration Evaluation
Regional rock physics modelling
Regional geopressure prediction
Regional quantitative prospect de-risking

2. Play Exploration Evaluation
Integrated rock physics & geopressure modelling
Quantitative interpretation of conventional resource plays
Quantitative interpretation of unconventional resource plays
Image Log Analysis

3. Reservoir Characterisation & Monitoring
Integrated geomechanical and geopressure modelling
Integrated reservoir seismic characterisation
Unconventional play seismic characterisation
Time-lapse reservoir seismic modelling & monitoring

4. Drilling Planning & Monitoring
Pore Pressure modelling and Prediction (PPP)
Mud weight and casing planning
Real-time Pore Pressure while Drilling (PPwD) services
Post-drill pressure analysis

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