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Moveout Data Seismic Services


Moveout provides seismic data transcription, conditioning, quality control and native cloud technology to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Individually the company have acquired, processed and managed seismic data from virtually every exploration region across the world covering Marine, Land and OBS.

Moveout have worked with all the major acquisition companies spanning the past 45 years, including PGS, CGG, Western Geco, Polarcus, Shearwater, BGP, Fugro, GSI, Haliburton, Dolphin, Wavefield, BGP, RXT, Multiwave.



  • Digital data & information audited and indexed
  • Physical samples audited and indexed
  • Seismic processing 3rd party QC
  • Navigation processing 3rd party QC
  • Acquisition QC


  • Any media read
  • Any format read
  • Data transcribed to media of your choice
  • Seismic data cut and copied
  • Well logs & maps digitised
  • Seismic sections vectorised


  • Data libraries cleansed, reformatted & repaired to current SEG standards
  • Navigation data re-processed
  • Metadata gathered, organised and indexed
  • Navigation & seismic data merged
  • Edits flagged

Storage & Hosting

  • Tape storage
  • Cloud storage
  • Physical sample storage


  • Acquisition techniques
  • Tape media & disk
  • Seismic data formats & metadata
  • Seismic data QC
  • Navigation data QC
  • Licensing & legislation