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NDB Upstream


NDB exist to improve E&P business performance by helping teams define and implement better work practices, technical processes and technology solutions in this space.

The company have addressed themes ranging from the rapidly changing realm of cloud computing to the untapped value of geomechanics and are continually looking for where extra value and insight can be gained.


A fresh look at strategy can be the key that unlocks the future potential of a business. It re-energises the workforce and re-shapes the organisation. 

Distilling the best approach to how Upstream companies conduct their technical activity and harness the capabilities of their data, technology and people has been one of NDB’s driving forces since its inception. Creating subsurface workflows and mapping them to the teams, software applications and the data that flows through them is one of the company's core competencies.


NDB has been providing valued independent insight on the power and pitfalls of subsurface software to the world’s leading Oil & Gas companies since its creation in 2003.  Their aim is simple - to provide optimum value from technical systems, so clients can get on with the job of profitably finding and managing hydrocarbons.

For over 6 years, NDB have been running a worldwide survey of Upstream Oil & Gas companies’ technical software usage across more than 30 international operators. It also includes project and corporate databases for seismic, wells and spatial data and the tools to manage them. This biannual survey uncovers changes and trends as they unfold. 

Data & Information

NDB is an acknowledged thought leader in data and information management in Upstream Oil & Gas. The company attack the strategic, organisational, security, change management and operational aspects of information management activities across E&P helping to bring assured data to bear on client decisions.