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Ramco has been providing the oil and gas industry with care and maintenance of OCTG and linepipe, since 1977.

It is an independent international company specialising in management and logistics, inspection, internal and external blast cleaning and protective coating of steel pipes used in the exploration and production sector for the recovery and transmission of oil and gas.

Ramco provides care and maintenance of OCTG and linepipe. It has pioneered many aspects of operational efficiency in tubular services and is the market leader, ensuring their technical expertise and market experience, which continue to add value for customers. Ramco has launched the next generation pipe care unit, PCU Type 3. Developed through more than 40 years experience handling, cleaning and inspecting close to eight million joints, the PCU3 is a single unit, which can be deployed globally to inspect and clean environmentally, quickly and cost efficiently.


Inventory Management
Ramco provides management of tubular maintenance programmes, inventories and logistics. Its team of highly trained professionals use electronic stock management systems to ensure all tubular goods can be tracked while being stored in its high-capacity facilities. Once a client indicates the tubular goods are required, a team of materials controllers identify all pipes, making them rig ready through innovative preparation techniques.

Ramco’s delivery service also enables its clients to rest assured that all tubular goods are transported to and from the quay side or rig site. Project managers are also on hand to procure any associated services required by clients ensuring all projects are organised and run smoothly.

Ramco has been providing quality inspection services to the OCTG industry since 2008. The company perform Visual Thread Inspection, Electro Magnetic Inspection, Drill Pipe Inspection and other NDT inspection on all major connection types and material grades. Their highly qualified Inspectors are continuously trained by the connection and OCTG manufacturers to meet the highest standards offshore and onshore.

Ramco currently has operations in Norway, UK, Romania, Kenya and Australia and is offering full inspection of OCTG through full plant facilities or PCU3 set up.

Ramco has led the way in the development of OCTG cleaning and delivering the highest standards of surface preparation. 

In addition to blast cleaning, Ramco has been at the forefront of the development of 'advanced grit blasting technologies'. In addition it has engineered various water based cleaning solutions to provide fit for purpose solutions for OCTG which do not require a full blasting treatment.

Ramco is well placed to manage and execute OCTG refurbishment programmes. The company have managed a number of one-stop-shop refurbishment programmes, at many of their locations, which have included removal of drilling mud, grit blasting the surfaces and VTI and FLD. All against tight timescales and enabling the re-use of casing to meet an aggressive drilling and well testing schedule. The casing is inspected to the highest standards to ensure well integrity.