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Doqaru limited launched on November 22, 2018 with the merge of YO! Marketing and Sarah Downs Ltd.

Doqaru's expertise and network in the energy and technology sectors give clients access to knowledge, insight and other highly qualified associates. This access becomes an asset throughout the business lifecycle of Start-up, Growth, Turnaround and Exit.

Doqaru's services are designed to assist businesses of any size at any stage in their business journey and include:


Doqaru aim to reduce uncertainty and increase the chances of success. The company support start-up founders and their teams in the following areas:

  • Creating and implementing strategies
  • Crafting a strong brand underpinned by consistent core messages
  • Identifying and building relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Support with attracting investment


Doqaru support clients in the following areas:

  • Providing a fresh perspective
  • Exploring diversification strategies
  • Conducting detailed market research
  • Support with launching new products and services
  • Establishing processes and systems so that your business is ready for change


Doqaru help clients grow their business in a number of ways:

  • Crafting content that drives thought leadership for an online audience
  • Aligning growth plans with resources and business capabilities
  • Ensuring that your brand and culture is maintained during scale up
  • Creating/maintaining a customer relationship management process for target customer groups
  • Maintaining and growing a strong social media presence in relevant platforms
  • Supporting business development efforts through coaching and by being an external member of your business development team


Doqaru help business owners to build in exit plans into their business strategy, supporting clients in the following ways:

  • Enhancing your company brand and personal brand to attract investors and/or buyers
  • Creating business development plans that align with your exit strategy
  • Ensuring that your content strategy portrays your company in the best possible light
  • Identifying opportunities to improve revenue and/or profit margins to desired levels for sale/buy-out

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