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Imenco AS was established in 1979 as an engineering company and was for the first 20 years engaged in a variety of subsea projects. In 1999 Imenco acquired the workshop facility in Haugesund and employed 20 engineers and technicians from Stolt Offshore.

This became the start of an active period in the companies life, with respect to further product development and acquisition of further companies and products. As part of the Stolt acquisition the company were introduced to the subsea camera business, and have for the last years further developed and become one of the major players for high end subsea cameras globally. Other subsea tooling such as cutting and sawing equipment were also competence which came in the deal. Later Imenco acquired deep diving communication system Stoctronics, diver monitoring MoDive and diving system supplier Norwegian Universal Technology – all activity relating to subsea operations. In 2005 Imenco acquired Setec Contracting, one of the first companies involved in the Helicoper Refuelling business.

In addition to acquisitions, Imenco has constantly been developing products and systems for the marine sector, especially related to subsea operations and are today delivering diving systems – Air- and Saturation Diving, Subsea Cameras and Electronics, Subsea Tooling and Equipment, Helicopter Refuelling Systems and a wide range of Lifting and Handling equipment.

Imenco are present in Haugesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Aberdeen, Houston and Singapore, with agents in many other areas.