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Midland Valley Exploration Ltd


Midland Valley Exploration (MVE) was set up nearly 30 years ago by Dr Alan Gibbs and two others to commercialize the use of structural modeling and balancing in reducing uncertainty and risk in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. The Company is named after the geological location of where they are situated - the Midland Valley of Scotland, lying between the Southern Upland Fault

Today, MVE are a world leader in the field of structural geology and the development of the Move Suite of analytical geological software modelling tools. The company provide software and consulting and training services to the Upstream Oil and Gas; Mineral Exploration and Resource Development; Carbon Capture and Storage and Radioactive Waste Management industries.

MVE live by their founding principle - run by geologists for geologists and this ensures that the company displays a single-minded commitment to the needs of their clients and the end use of their products and services.

Working closely with their core team of Structural Geologists, Midland Valley Software Developers have translated geological theory into reliable and effective kinematic modelling software - Move.

Using the tools in Move geoscientists are able to quickly build robust 2d and 3d geological models from a wide variety of data types, and then test the validity of these models by moving them backwards and forwards through geological time - testing assumptions and essentially reducing the uncertainty in the structural model.

MVE's experience ranges across all tectonic styles and from soft rock to hard rock systems and at all scales - from hydrocarbon and mineral systems, to gas and fluid storage and monitoring. The company's ground-breaking approach enables companies to reduce risk and undertake exploration, production and recovery in a more methodical and cost-effective way.

In addition, MVE maintain close links with research groups and the roots of geology as an observational field based science to keep their consulting and software products at the technological leading edge. The company look at ways to invest in the future of their science and assist their next generation of geoscientists through the company's Academic Software Initiative, Young Geoscientist Initiative and their annual Student Structure Prize competition.