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OFS Portal, LLC is a non-profit group of oil and gas suppliers and service organizations. The group focuses on global e-commerce processes in the oilfield industry. It develops convergence strategies for electronic formatting of products and services descriptions and transactions standards for use in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, the group provides access to digital business information by publishing electronic catalogues of its members' products and services.
Resource Library
OFS Portal is in a unique position within the industry to view best practices and lessons learned across the entire “requisition to pay” process. This viewpoint allows OFS Portal to identify common challenges and opportunities in e-enablement that exist between and across trading partners in the upstream oil and gas industry.
OFS Portal Integration CompetencyCenter
The OFS Portal Integration Competency Center (ICC), created in 2005, is a permanent function within OFS Portal. The ICC was established to take advantage of OFS Portal’s unique position within the industry to streamline and improve enterprise B2B integration.