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Timor Gap


Level 3, Timor Plaza, Suit 301 - 314
Rua Presidente Nicolao Lobato, Comoro
P.O.Box No. 553
Dili, Timor-Leste

Tel: +670 3310953


TIMOR GAP GÁS & PETRÓLEO, E.P. (TIMOR GAP) is the  national oil company of Timor Leste created by the Government in 2011 and entrusted with the development of business activities for upstream exploration and production, including services, to be carried out onshore and offshore, within and outside of the national territory.

TIMOR GAP was also assigned with the execution of downstream business activities, including the storage, refining, processing, distribution and sale of petroleum and its by-products, comprising the petrochemical industry.

Business Units

TIMOR GAP business units comprise the following activities:

The Corporate Service Unit (CSU) provides the company with essential support services and ensures the effective and efficient delivery of corporate operations. It has overall responsibility for the company’s corporate services including all aspects of human resources management, management of information technology and communication systems, travel and logistics, procurement management and general administration.

The Business Infrastructure Development Unit (BIDU) identifies business opportunities related to infrastructure projects for TIMOR GAP and provides support, supervision, monitoring and evaluation to the infrastructure projects developed under the company’s portfolio. It also supports other business units through the render of Geographic Information System (GIS), database and analysis support services; and liaises with the Government on issues concerning the company’s activities.

The Exploration & Production Unit (E&PU) manages and coordinates upstream activities, developing the exploration and production of oil and gas.

The Refinery and Petroleum Services Unit (R&PSU) manages and coordinates the refinery project and is in charge of other downstream activities, including petroleum products and distribution in Timor-Leste.

The Gas Business Unit (GBU) manages and coordinates all business activities within the field of natural gas, including LNG, LPG and gas pipelines.

The Finance Unit (FU) provides a full support to the company’s operational of programs and projects, with the day to day financial transactions, recordings, and responsible in procuring funds for financing projects.

The Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Unit (QHSEU) provides, promotes and ensures the compliance with Quality, Health, Safety and Environment high standards across all company activities.

The New Ventures Unit is under the office of Vice-President and its core responsibilities is to lead, evaluate and coordinate all activities related to new venture projects/opportunities. The Unit evaluates and seizes all the new venture opportunities, providing Geological & Geophysical expertise, commercial & legal inputs to the new potential ventures related to exploration, production and other oil and gas services projects. It creates a bridge between the company and other partners to initiate all the business arrangements, playing a crucial role in assisting the company to convert an entrepreneurial proposal/idea into profitable business.