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SIMEC Atlantis Energy


SIMEC Atlantis Energy is a global sustainable energy generation company, involved in the design, development, construction, conversion, installation, completion, testing, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of power projects around the world. The company deliver world-class renewable project development strategies using their internationally renowned transaction team. Atlantis also have a turbine and engineering services division, which designs, supplies and maintains world-leading tidal turbines and subsea connection equipment.

The company's heritage is in tidal power generation, where they established a reputation as being a world leader in tidal power generator and system design and tidal power project development, construction management, financing and operation. Atlantis remain passionate about tidal power and will continue to be at the forefront of project development and ownership as tidal races down the LCOE curve and becomes cheaper with every installed megawatt of capacity in operation.

The company's goal is to quickly become one of the largest independent generators of energy from renewable and sustainable energy sources in the United Kingdom whilst developing commercial-scale portfolios in other jurisdictions across Europe, Asia and Australia.