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Inuktun Services Limited was founded in 1989 by the passionate inventor and entrepreneur Allen (Al) Robinson and his business partner, Terry Knight. Early in his career, Al found his passion for undersea vehicles and spent many hours underwater recovering torpedoes for the US Navy. He went on to design a manipulator arm for the Alvin submersible that dove on the Titanic and created a unique robotic manipulator that folds and throws paper airplanes. His creation now finds its home in the Smithsonian Institute.

Today, Inuktun employs a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists, administrative and production personnel at its headquarters in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The company designs and manufactures remotely operated vehicles and modular robotic systems for use in confined spaces and hazardous environments. Inuktun continues to build a reputation as the expert in remote controlled robotic transport and delivery of visual inspection equipment and instrumentation tooling. Reliability, efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness are emphasized in the design of all Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology produced by Inuktun.

In addition to producing, selling, and renting a complete line of OnSite Standard Products and OnDemand Specialty Systems for a variety of remote inspection applications, Inuktun also offers a complete range of OnSpec Custom Solutions via engineering services, from conceptual design through to project completion.

To ensure and maintain the company’s high standard of quality systems assembly, integration and testing are accomplished using in-house electronic and machine assembly staff. In addition, Inuktun regularly develops partnerships with other businesses and consultants to provide specialty engineering in accordance with design criteria. As a result, Inuktun is able to provide customers with innovative, high quality equipment that is functionally reliable, easily operated, and cost-effective.

Inuktun has an excellent track record of providing complex, custom, mobile robotic systems to sophisticated clients around the world. Our customers not only affect and transform outcomes by assessing and mitigating future risk — in the future, end users will increasingly manage the transformation of their own Inuktun systems without an intermediary, thanks to IM3 technology. The power to transform is the future.