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PetroTrace is an innovative and long established geoscience company serving a large number of clients in the oil and gas exploration and production business. The company provide best-in-class time processing, depth imaging, structural interpretation, reservoir characterisation, analysis and geo-consulting work. Success stems from the company's industry-leading geoscience technology powered by high performance computing and the application of ground-breaking proprietary tools. PetroTrace teams are highly skilled and experienced professional geoscientists who are able to create customised, bespoke solutions to complicated seismic challenges for both land and marine seismic data.

The team at PetroTrace has processed and interpreted thousands of Km 2D/3D seismic data in different oil and gas provinces from the Gulf of Mexico to Sakhalin Island. Projects include land, marine and transition zone seismic data acquired by multiple operators with different survey parameters shot in different weather conditions.

PetroTrace provides the best-in-class seismic processing, analysis, and geo-consulting work for the international oil and gas exploration and production community. PetroTrace utilises the integration of high performance computing, industry-leading geoscience technology and proprietary tools.

PetroTrace Services

Knowledge about pore pressure, fractures and hydrocarbons pathways can significantly affect the plans for field exploration and development. PetroTrace offers specialised studies which include diffraction imagery, pore pressure prediction, seismic fracture characterisation and gas chimney detection. To achieve this PetroTrace uses innovative processing and analysis methods using award winning technology with a team of specialists from different areas of expertise . The aim is to obtain a qualitative new information set using all available data which can allow clients more informed investment decision-making in both exploration and production spheres of the oil and gas industry.

Time Processing
Availability of a high resolution seismic image predetermines the effectiveness in addressing geological objectives. The PetroTrace team applies the most advanced commercial and proprietary processing technology and tools for optimal signal analysis and extraction in 2D/3D/4D/4C seismic data. This allows us to optimally and effectively carryout time and depth migration, structural interpretation and reservoir characterisation.

Depth Imaging
In areas with strong vertical and lateral velocity variations the conventional time migration does not always allow the optimum image of the subsurface to be obtained. To increase focusing and move seismic reflections to their correct position the PetroTrace team performs velocity modelling to any degree of complexity and uses the full range of the pre-stack depth migration algorithms. Depth images, calibrated to well data, significantly increase the accuracy of the subsequent structural and dynamic interpretation. 

Structural Interpretation
The reliable knowledge about the structure is a prerequisite for the well planning and reserve estimation and represents a solid foundation for the successful seismic reservoir characterisation. Decades of experience in various oil and gas provinces allow the PetroTrace team to effectively integrate, analyse and interpret all available G&G information in a study area. The high-tech 3D visualisation, interpretation and calibration tools increase the speed and accuracy of the structural framework construction.

Reservoir Characterisation
Data about reservoir properties greatly increases the success of drilling and accuracy of reserve estimates. The PetroTrace team has acquired considerable experience in the application of advanced technologies for reservoir parameters prediction by integrating well and seismic data, both in clastic and carbonate environments. Information about the behaviour of the impedances and other seismic attributes in the inter-well space is used to identify the most promising sites for drilling as well as tracking trends in properties propagation in geo-cellular models.

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