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Rystad Energy


Rystad Energy is an independent energy consulting services and business intelligence data firm offering global databases, strategy advisory and research products for E&P and oil service companies, investors, investment banks and governments.


Upstream Solutions
Global and regional field-by-field upstream databases and reports; discovered and undiscovered volumes at asset and well level.

OFS Solutions
Oilfield service databases and reports, spending outlook for all upstream operators in the world; revenue break down on service segments; rig demand & supply analysis.

Shale Solutions
Shale Solutions with North America Shale: historical and forecasted well production data, M&A activity, productivity metrics and economics, comprehensive play analysis and unique insights into key service segments of the US shale industry.

Market Solutions
In-depth analysis of short-, medium- and long-term global oil markets and gas markets, with focus on market-driving fundamentals as supply, demand and other trends affecting the future of the energy markets.

Renewable Energy Solutions
Detailed information on all large solar, wind, and storage projects in Australia.

Free Solutions
Free databases and newsletters covering upstream, oilfield service, shale and renewable energy markets.