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For over 40 years, Katalyst Data Management has been providing complete data management solutions assisting oil and gas companies with the difficult challenge of managing the vast amount of subsurface data and information acquired for exploration and production. Katalyst’s complete life cycle solution includes every step in the process, from data capture and verification, to data storage and organization, to marketing seismic data online. Katalyst’s signature offerings include the cloud-based iGlass subsurface data management solution and the e-brokerage site for online data marketing.

Katalyst’s highly experienced subsurface data technicians include geophysicists and geologists with a unique appreciation for the complexities that come with subsurface data management and the requirements that the oil and gas industry often demands.

Digitize the World

Digitalization could revolutionize the subsurface data programs for companies whose vast data archives reside on paper or some other form of inaccessible legacy media. The transition from legacy media and “paper to digits” for seismic, well logs, well files, maps, graphics, reports and the like will be imperative for the industry to keep up with the digital transformation.

By creating a searchable, accessible digital version of all data types, from seismic and well data to interpretation projects, Katalyst provides E&P companies the ability to capture the value of both historical and current data in their analytics platforms and interpretation software. 

While the value of big data analytics to E&P programs is still evolving, the digital transformation is a reality for everyone involved in subsurface data management. Katalyst, are focused on a multi-cloud strategy to guide their clients through the challenges of this process, on their mission to “digitize the world."

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SeismicZone – The Online Data Marketplace

SeismicZone, powered by Katalyst, is an e-brokerage website designed to accelerate the E&P decision making processes through online marketing of quality assured seismic data.

The online marketplace now features 119,320 sq km/46,069 sq mi of 3D data and 11.27 million km/7 million mi of 2D data available for license.

License Seismic Data Online

SeismicZone gives exploration stakeholders access to current seismic data available across the globe. The online marketplace for seismic data streamlines the process and provides significant savings for data purchasers.

  • License seismic either through your broker or independently
  • Identify what data is automatically available for QI/purchase with ease
  • 24/7 access to search, target, QI and purchase available data
  • Query filters enable locating data of interest quickly
  • Automated online processes for faster transactions 

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