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LADOL's founders (LiLe) began planning in the year 2000, with a vision of creating the first purpose-built, state-of-the-art logistics and engineering base west of the Niger Delta. LADOL was conceived and designed to be an efficient, custom-built, fully integrated, secure and independent engineering and logistics base operating 24/7 in the LADOL Free Zone for deep offshore oil and gas projects.


  • LADOL Free Zone becomes a blueprint for sustainable industrialisation of Africa
  • The success of LADOL enables private indigenous companies and government across the continent to build a range of Special Economic Zones and Parks through which they can build large sustainable industries that will drive wide spread economic growth and job creation
  • LADOL’s development leads to the creation of one hundred thousand jobs as Nigeria becomes the industrial hub for West Africa


  • Fully Integrated, Independent Logistics Services for Deep Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Ports Services & Cargo Handling
  • Vessel Handling at Quay Wall
  • Special Materials Handling Facilities
  • Construction and Finishing

LADOL provides 24/7 solutions for cargo, vessels, barges, crew changes, project support, personnel support (including accommodation and recreation) and more. LADOL's own logistics equipment and team will ensure that cargo and people get from point to point safely and efficiently whenever needed, supervised by a first-class logistics team.

LADOL offers a wide variety of well-equipped facilities based on and around its large quay, including offices, first-class accommodations, storage facilities, sewage and water treatment, and power generation. The flexible plan calls for increasing both the size of the platform and the facilities it houses as demand grows.

The company offer a full range of facilities, from fabrication to recreation, and are rapidly adding to an equipment list that already includes tugboats, barges and ferries; cranes and forklifts; trucks and flatbed trailers; and earthmoving equipment.

LADOL Free Zone
LADOL accommodates a range of local and foreign enterprises, creating a centralized, fully integrated hub for oil and gas logistics, manufacturing and engineering – all in a safe, modern environment dedicated to providing all their business and recreational needs.