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Yemen Oil & Gas Corporation


The Yemen Oil & Gas Corporation
Al-Zubairy Street, Sanaa



Established in 1996, The Yemen Oil and Gas Corporation (YOGC), a government-owned corporation under the direction of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals of Yemen, is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company headquartered in Sana'a

The company was established in 1996.  

The defined objectives, powers and responsibilities of the corporation are as follows:

  • implements approved policies required for developments of oil and gas resources and their efficient utilization.
  • Supervision of its affiliate companies, management and control of their technical and financial performance Provide local market requirement of oil- refined products, and intermediate products.
  • Exploration and production of oil and gas as well as supporting services required in this area.
  • Crude oil refining and gas processing.
  • Set- up industrial oil and gas facilities (extraction, treatment, liquidation, filling, transportation, storage. Etc) in accordance with the standards of oil and gas industry.
  • Marketing and exporting of crude oil, petroleum products and gas.
  • Establishment of petrochemical industries.
  • Propose measures and standards for oil and gas industry and monitor abidance thereby.
  • Follow- up and suply modern methods for management and techniques of work in its field of activity to improve its performance and raise the economic and technical efficiency therefore.
  • Coordination between its companies to ensure technical- economic integrity of its activities.
  • Provides services in the field of technical studies, designs and information systems.
  • Any other assignments required by the nature of its objectives, responsibilities or position as a holding corporation or any other tasks authorized by the minister or necessitated by the applicable laws, decrees and regulations.