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Terrex Seismic


Terrex Seismic (originally Geosystems) has existed and operated in Australia since 1981. After identifying the opportunity to help unlock the energy potential of Australia’s largely underexplored resources, their founder Steve Tobin purchased the Australian division of Geosystems in 1997. The company was then rebranded and repositioned as a geophysics-driven, operationally focused seismic acquisition company.

Terrex Seismic is one of the world’s most experienced seismic contractors, having worked in every major Australian onshore sedimentary basin as well as in numerous other locations around the world. The company have acquired over 1,000 seismic surveys to date and have consistently supported the industry, bringing equipment and technical innovation to the forefront of seismic exploration regardless of the unpredictability of the cyclical nature of the resource industry.

In April 2017, private equity group, Allegro Funds decided to invest in the Terrex Seismic journey. Seeing tremendous possibility in both the people and the DNA of Terrex Seismic, Allegro Funds become the company's majority shareholder.