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Moyes & Co.


Moyes & Co. is a global energy advisor with offices in Dallas TX, Houston TX and London UK. The company offer a professional team with practical business and technical experience in energy projects worldwide, providing advice on global oil, gas, and other energy investments. The client base reflects the whole spectrum of international sector participants, from startup entities to independents to the super majors and related service industries.

Moyes & Co. build the economic foundation to advise companies on developing sound business plans for portfolio optimization, acquisition and divestiture, negotiations, capital management, financing, and valuations. The company has provided Fair Market Valuation opinions for private and public entities and for National Oil Companies. The firm's documentation has been submitted to the courts, the IRS, the public markets, and accepted as the basis for transactions. Moyes & Co. also offer facilitated decision analysis and expert witness, sole expert and support in arbitration, competitive bidding strategy for licensing rounds, and a range of continuing education programs to government and industry. The company have taught courses on evaluation techniques to industry professionals in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.