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Kappa Offshore Solutions


Kappa Offshore Solutions' expertise encompasses every activity related to marine engineering within the seismic exploration business in particular.

Expert in hydrodynamic modeling, the company can provide detailed analysis reports for seismic surveys taking place in harsh environment and which include seismic vessels towing capabilities and critical KPIs 

The company can also provide turnkey solutions with the sourcing of seismic equipment as well as a vessel which suits clients need, and outstanding engineering studies for the equipment integration on deck.

Kappa Offshore Solutions will remain with their client during the operational phase of a project, training their crews and engineers and mobilizing highly skills personnel in a safe and cost efficient manner.


Kappa Offshore Solutions designs and delivers fully integrated marine seismic source systems, including:

  • High pressure air compressors
  • High pressure air control and distribution circuits
  • Air guns and source control systems
  • Towing and handling appliances
  • Navigation and positioning devices
  • Ship interfaces

Synthetic far field signatures are optimized using underwater acoustics modelling software. Finite element hydrodynamic simulations are then performed to ensure optimal stability of the source signal in operating conditions at sea.

After delivery, the company's field engineers will ensure a smooth handover of the system to the customer, including:

  • Installation and setting to work
  • Commissioning, harbour and sea acceptance tests
  • Operating procedures redaction
  • Staff training and knowledge transfer


At Kappa Offshore Solutions, vessel design loop does not start with drafting a preliminary general arrangement. It starts with the precise hydrodynamic characterization of the target seismic configurations.

In other words, the cargo is not fitted in the ship but the ship is designed around the cargo. This is how Kappa Offshore Solutions can guarantee right sizing and perfect integration of machinery components, propulsion plant and seismic equipment handling systems. Experience has shown that this is the key success factor in designing safe and cost efficient seismic vessels.


Keos software relies on a unique proprietary database developed by Kappa Offshore Solutions encompassing:

  • Main technical and economical characteristics for each vessel of the global 3D fleet.
  • Precise hydrodynamic properties of an extensive library of different seismic towing configurations.


The company's hydrodynamic models come directly from the field, enabling Kappa Offshore Solutions to deliver unique calibrated dynamic analysis of seismic spreads.

Those models take into account all relevant environmental and operational parameters, such as irregular waves and currents, shoals, vessel track, or rope failures for example.

Over time, this unique know-how was extended to other marine systems such as offshore terminals or offshore support vessel maneuvers.

Kappa Offshore Solutions expertise is valued by reference clients around the world including; Total, Kosmos Energy, Trelleborg, Acta Marine, Aselsan and TPSMI.


Kappa Offshore Solutions provide highly skilled experts in managing complex exploration projects.

The company has worked extensively with major seismic contractors, providing R&D Engineers, Projects Managers Party Managers, Deputy Party Managers and Technical Auditors for various high stake projects.

Kappa Offshore Solutions also supports major oil and gas producers, providing Country Managers for their seismics operations.