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Sonardyne are a leading independent global provider of underwater acoustic, inertial, optical and sonar technology.

John Partridge founded Sonardyne in 1971 and his vision was to improve the safety and efficiency of underwater navigation for divers through innovation in acoustic signal processing, hardware design and custom engineering. From their origins in the North Sea in the early 1970s, innovation and performance has maintained the Company's reputation for technical leadership, and today they have an unrivalled portfolio of acoustic and non-acoustic technologies for use in the most challenging marine environments.

Whilst underwater acoustics remains at the very core of what they do, Sonardyne's business now reaches far beyond this and has been driven by both the possibilities of new technologies and the needs of their clients. In just a few short years sonar imaging, optical communications and inertial navigation technologies have emerged from the Company's research programmes. These investments have provided great value to their customers. Survey operations become ever faster and more efficient, deep water vessels are able to operate safely in all conditions, seabed to surface data transfer is reliable and quick and waterside installations are better protected against the threat of attack.