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Rovco was founded to lead the way in bringing AUV and ROV 3D computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies subsea. The world is becoming ever more autonomous, and these technologies are poised to take over in the oil, gas and renewables industries. Their application will lower the cost of operations and maintenance for underwater asset owners and Rovco is positioned to ride the crest of this growth wave in an industry predicted to be worth over $4 billion per year in 2020.

The company was founded by Brian Allen, Dr Iain Wallace and Joe Tidball over 2016 and 2017, and found instant success with its revolutionary underwater 3D modelling service. Brian is an ex-offshore superintendent with 16 years subsea experience, and 9 years directly delivering multimillion $ underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) projects around the globe for the oil, gas and renewables industries. Iain, is a computer vision and artificial intelligence specialist with a background in designing and running these projects for the UK & European Space Agencies, including being responsible for the vision systems on the Mars Rover. Joe is a category A Hydrographic Surveyor with an MSc in Hydrography and 3D modelling distinction. 

Rovco is majority owned by the existing management team, and grant funded by InnovateUK, the UK’s innovation agency. They are bringing new technologies subsea, finding early commercial success, and leading the way in this new underwater survey method.

Rovco provide a cost efficient, professional service, in all areas of subsea survey and inspection using ROVs, with experience covering:

  • ROV Surveys & Inpections     
  • Pre & Post Lay Survey     
  • HD & 4K Filmwork
  • Debris Surveys     
  • Drill Support     
  • Marine Life Surveys
  • Diver Observation     
  • Harbour Survey & Security     
  • CP & UT Measurement
  • ROV Rental & ROV Hire
  • UXO Survey     
  • Dam Inspections
  • Touch Down Monitoring     
  • Vessel Inspections    
  • 3D Modelling