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Lukoil confirms geological model of Eridu field in Iraq


Lukoil has successfully completed the fourth well test in the framework of implementation of an assessment phase at the Eridu field (Block 10) in Southern Iraq. 

As a result of the tests, an industrial inflow of anhydrous oil was obtained, thereby confirmed the current geological model of the Eridu field.

The exploration work at the Block 10 continues. In particular, it is planned to drill and test several more evaluation wells, as well as to complete 3D seismic works at the Eridu field and 2D seismic works in the Southern and Central part of the block.

The Block 10 with an area of 5.8 thousand square km is located in the southern part of Iraq, 150 km west of Basra, 120 km from the West Qurna-2 field. The Government of Iraq approved a contract with Lukoil for geological exploration, development and production at the Block 10 in 2012. Lukoil is the operator of the project with a share of 60%, another 40% belong to Japanese Inpex. The holder of the contract on the Iraqi side is the state-owned company Thiqar Oil Company.

The first exploration well Eridu 1 with depth of 3168 meters was drilled in 2016. In February 2017, Lukoil successfully completed testing of the first exploration well Eridu-1 at the Block 10. As a result of tests of the Mishrif horizon an inflow of more than 1 thousand cubic meters of low-sulfur oil per day was received. In March 2018, Lukoil reported that the recoverable oil reserves at the Eridu field at the Block 10 as a result of the drilling the Eridu-1 well exceeded 2.5 billion barrels. The discovered field became the most significant discovery in Iraq in the last 20 years.

The drilling of the second and third wells confirmed the previously accepted geological model of the field. The fourth exploration well at the Block 10 was drilled by Chinese Bohai.

Lukoil intends to start production at the Block 10 in Iraq in 2021.

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