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Norway wants deposits in the Arctic cross-border with the Russian Federation


Norway will claim a share in the oil and gas fields discovered by Russia on the border of countries in the Barents Sea, according to the head of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Bente Nyland.

"Let's say we started drilling near the border, and this is a transboundary field, then, of course, Norway would like to get the resources that belong to it", Bente Nyland, the NPD head, told the Prime. She added that the same applies to the border with the UK and Denmark.

According to Nyland, any Russian oil and gas finds at the border could trigger a political debate in Oslo. The agency notes that the exploration of most areas may be difficult, given the climatic obligations of Norway and opposition from various environmental organizations and some political parties.

In 2010 the Russian Federation and Norway signed an agreement on the division of the so-called gray zone in the Barents Sea, it entered into force in July 2011. Negotiations on the delimitation of maritime spaces between the Russian Federation and Norway began in 1970, and the signed agreement enabled Russia and Norway to freely develop part of the Arctic shelf.

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