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First Women@DEA Summit in Hamburg


Implementing diversity: At the first ever Women@DEA Summit, some 150 female DEA employees from all geographies met in Hamburg to exchange  perspectives and experience and for networking. The key focus of the event was to identify actions to boost the attractiveness of a profession and career within DEA and the oil and gas industry generally.

Diversity and equal opportunities for all of employees is top priority at DEA. Employees from over 40 nations work at the exploration and production company operating internationally but  headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. However, the female share of the total workforce at DEA is just above 25 per cent – which unfortunately is representative for an industry in which career specifications are dominated by mechanical engineering, natural sciences and technology.

150 female DEA employees from Germany, Libya, Egypt, Norway and Mexico recently met for the very first time at a  Women@DEA Summit to discuss how professions and careers could be made more attractive for women.. The event was kicked off with a round-table discussion with DEA’s CEO Maria Moræus Hanssen, Christa Randzio-Plath, Chair of the association Marie-Schlei-Verein and former delegate of the European Parliament, Monika Schulz-Strelow, President of FidAR e.V., and Dr Angelika Dammann, strategy consultant and former Management Board member at SAP, on the subject of “gender diversity and equality of opportunity”.

“With a real commitment to diversity DEA will be able to harness and tap into the full talent pool of personnel and expertise when filling positions. It is my opinion that this applies to gender diversity in particular,” says DEA’s CEO Maria Moræus Hanssen, one of the few female top managers in the industry herself. The company has already launched many and various initiatives. For instance, this year the “Equal Opportunity Policy” was introduced in DEA. The policy ensures that when filling a position, at least one candidate of each  gender shall be identified before the final decision is made.. In ensuring compatibility of work and family life, DEA focuses particularly on arrangements for flexible working time models, part-time work and extended paternal leave, support regarding childcare and qualification options suitable to foster family life.

“In a global world, success is determined by our ability to unleash human potential,” agrees Angelika Dammann. “Diversity – long regarded as optional, now is an absolute ‘Must Have’. It is key to innovation and success! This also means having more women in business and leadership positions. Utilizing their talent is vital to sustained economic growth.”

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