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Serica Energy  Provides Update on Erskine Operations


Serica Energy plc provides an update on operations at Erskine.

On 28 September, Serica reported that a new 26km section of the condensate export line from Lomond to the CATS Riser at Everest had been completed and tested and production was due to recommence shortly. Production restart of the Erskine wells and facilities is taking longer than expected due to the formation of gas hydrates (ice-like crystals of water and gas) in the Erskine to Lomond production line, upstream of the new line section, during the commissioning process. Standard methods are being used by the operator to dissolve the hydrates, using methanol and slowly depressurising the line following which it is anticipated that the hydrates will be fully dissipated. The process is not expected to result in a significant delay or in any longterm impact.

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