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FROGTECH is an Australian-based natural resources consultancy that provides geological, geophysical and information management services for a wide range of clients in the petroleum, groundwater, geothermal, CCS, coal, coal seam gas and mineral sectors.

FROGTECH is a world-leader in the delivery of structural and tectonic interpretations, basin analysis and other resource-related geological services. The company's global experience focuses on providing high quality, cost-effective consulting services that significantly reduce the costs and risks of exploration and development.


FROGTECH's signature product is SEEBASE™ is a  structurally enhanced depth-to-basement model that is the core of our multi-client regional studies and consulting services.

SEEBASE is the result of a number of calibration and integration steps including: 

  • Interpretation of Basement Terranes
  • Review  and Update of Plate Reconstructions
  • Integration of Tectonic Events and Responses
  • Gravity and Magnetics Modelling
  • Assessment and Integration of Crustal Architecture
  • Seismic and Well Calibration
  • Extensive Literature Review

Defining basement architecture, SEEBASE forms the basis for the systematic assessment of exploration strategies and petroleum systems evaluation. It is available as part of the company's Regional Basement Studies and for flexible delivery as part of Global SEEBASE D2B. 


  • Basin and Resource Evaluation using SABRE - our proprietary systematic basin and resource evaluation methodology
  • Geodynamic evolution and prospectivity modelling using our SEEBASE interpretation framework
  • Advanced Potential Field Geophysics, including our proprietary enhancements