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Nautilus Training Alliance


For nearly 20 years, the Nautilus Training Alliance (NTA) has provided a portfolio of world-class training courses for oil and gas professionals.

Nautilus launched its unique training alliance model (the Geoscience Training Alliance) in 1999 in the UK, with six member companies and an audience of 450 geoscientists. Three years later and using the same business model, the Houston office was established to serve the Noth American market. In 2004 Nautilus introduced the Foundation Programme consisting of a range of courses specifically designed for staff with less than 5 years’ experience and for cross-discipline training.

2007 saw the launch of the first geoscience training programme in Australia and South East Asia; whilst in the same year the company introduced the alliance model to the engineering side of the petroleum industry, launching the ‘Engineering Training Alliance’ (ETA) in North America. This was followed two years later by a similar engineering programme in Europe.

Nautilus was acquired by the RPS Group in March 2011 and became part of the Energy division of RPS. In 2014 the company launched a programme of Professional Skills Development courses that are tailored for energy industry personnel. A large selection of the company's training courses (Geoscience, Engineering and Professional Skills Development) are now available as “open access” training with no pre-commitment required; whilst their alliance membership business continues in the form of the Nautilus Training Alliance.

To view a full list of the courses that are currently available through either delivery method, please click here.