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DataCo is a leading global E&P data and information management consultancy providing a comprehensive service to the upstream oil and gas industry from our European, American and Australian centres. The company are software, hardware and data vendor independent. DataCo's highly experienced staff and bespoke solutions are trusted by supermajors and independents alike, helping them to unlock the full potential of their data, information and systems.

DataCo is one of the largest independent data and information management service companies to the global upstream oil & gas industry. Since founding in 2001, the company has grown significantly with the provision of services and solutions to many of the world’s leading E&P companies. DataCo recognise the importance of making technical, commercial and safety decisions based on the highest quality data and information. Being independent, and with their business focussed primarily on upstream oil & gas, the company offer their clients an alternative option to using locked-in products or cross-industry generic solutions provided by the multi-industry service companies.

Founded in late 2001, DataCo have grown from 16 to more than 100 people, working in various locations across the globe.