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Flowline Specialists


Flowline Specialists delivers bespoke and dynamic solutions to their clients for safely handling and deploying flexible pipes, umbilicals and cables onshore and offshore for the global oil and gas and renewables industry.

Headquartered in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, Flowline Specialists was established in 2001 and has overseas operational bases in Norway, Dubai and The Netherlands.

The company hold ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 accreditations and were granted a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2016.

Continued investment in expanding and developing their product range ensures Flowline Specialists meet client demand both in the UK and overseas. Their current range of equipment comprises reel drive systems, tensioners, under rollers, subsea and standard turntables and pallets, winches, shears and hydraulic power packs.


Across the globe Flowline Specialists have worked on projects in Europe Africa, the Middle East and Asia providing equipment and services to help our clients handle, move, transport and deploy flexible pipes and umbilicals.

With their expansive fleet of equipment and experienced back deck personnel Flowline Specialists can offer various methods for the decommissioning of products, either by collection on to a reel and 300Te Hub Drive for onshore processing or shearing product offshore with cut lengths directed into a bunded area.

Flowline Specialists can offer many varied solutions for subsea deployment of flexible products. For large 8.6m / 9.2m Reels up to 300Te the company can supply their Hub Reel Drive System complete with rails where multiple reels are to be deployed. They can also supply reels if required. Product on smaller diameter reels, 2m to 6m dia up to 125 Te, can be spooled and /or deployed from one of the company's shaft drive spoolers . Flowline Specialists can manufacture whatever interface is required in order to secure the reel on the spooler. Tensioners can be supplied for both of these deployment systems for added control of the products.

Flowline Specialists have a long track record of cable handling projects in the Offshore Wind and Marine Renewables sectors.

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