Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF)


Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF)
The Enterprise Centre
Aberdeen Science & Energy Park
Exploration Drive
AB23 8GX

Tel: +44 (0) 1224 222410

The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) represents its membership of international oil and gas operating and service companies to bring forward collaborative funding for research and development initiatives that address shared technology challenges.
A not-for-profit organisation, focused on the commercial needs of its members, ITF has facilitated the launch of more than 200 projects from early stage concepts through to field trials and commercialisation. Operating across continents, ITF works with its members, the technology development community and government bodies to tackle specific regional issues as well as defining areas of technology need from a global perspective and identifying opportunities for transfer of knowledge and expertise.
Established in 1999, the organisation is owned by 32 major global operators and service companies. The Group's key objectives are to identify technology needs, foster innovation and facilitate the development and implementation of new technologies. To date, ITF has been responsible in launching more than 200 new collaborative and revolutionary joint industry projects (JIPs), with a portfolio of over 20 ongoing Joint Industry Projects.